2011 gathering

Welcome to the Systemic Gathering June 26-26 in London

In the planning committee for the Systemic Gathering 2011 we have had two major objectives in mind for this year’s event: to enable the co-creation of learning to inspire our future systemic practice and to enable the co-creation of a future where we can go on co-creating systemic learning.

Inspired by John Shotter’s contribution in the discussions of the last day of last year’s event, we have taken the liberty of borrowing John’s phrasing when we say that we aim to create ‘an arena for collaborative learning’ and that we have ‘systemic faith’ that the people who come will be the right people and whatever happens, it will be meaningful and useful and create new insights for everybody involved and opportunities to think of new ways to develop our practice in the future.

Thus, we have created a flexible programme with an invitation to the experienced and skilful practitioners who will be the participants to contribute in the co-creating of the event as an Open Space with a few brief presentations.

Dates: 26th – 28th June

Venue: Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

A warm welcome and wishes for a great gathering 2011

Hanne, Kicki and Peter

3 Responses to 2011 gathering

  1. avatar yishai shalif says:

    would love to be updated and will consider taking part and sharing ideas from Narrative ways of working with individuals, families and organizations.
    all the very best
    Yishai shalif
    Jerusalem Israel

    • Hi Yishai,

      Lovely to hear that you concider to take part. We are at the moment looking into possible locations and arrangemets and we also check how the network responses to a gathering this summer. We hope that we can find ways to collaborate with as many as possible in the network for future gatherings, and possible conferances. We will update you and also update new information on this page. There are also discussions going on at linked in Friends of KCC

      Warm regards from Kicki and Sweden

  2. avatar Helen Gibson says:

    Hi Kicki
    I am keen to attend the Systemic Gathering again this year. My employer would like to support funding but sooner rather than later. Do you know the earliest time we may be invoiced for this event?
    Hope all well


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