New! Friends of KCC Workshop – Self-Other-Reflexivity with Fran Hedges and Mark Chidgey

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Self-Other-Reflexivity:  How our bodily responses and professional and personal stories affect conversations

Saturday 9th June 2012, 10.00am – 4.30pm, Conway Hall, London £35

Self-other-reflexivity involves the to-and-fro process in conversations, giving us skills to explore the usefulness or otherwise of ‘common sense’ assumptions, ‘grand narratives’ and professional or personal prejudices.

When we meet another person we respond with our whole being: physically and emotionally as well as becoming entangled in mutually influential stories. But we are not equal: professionals are in positions of power and have more influence on people who come to us for help than the other way round.

Reflexivity shows the importance of exploring how people’s stories resonate with our own narratives, knowledge and experiences, rather than focusing primarily on clients’ stories. We can use these resonances to form a bridge between us.

In this workshop we will explore with Fran and Mark how these approaches invite us to use rigor and imagination, courage and playfulness and appropriate humour. How willing are we to accept the invitation, take risks, make mistakes and challenge our dearly-held ideas?

Fran will share some of the theory-practice from her book Reflexivity in Therapeutic Practice and Mark will describe how he uses reflexive questions in his work with foster carers.

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