2012 gathering

Welcome to the Systemic Gathering July 1-5 in Cambridge!

This event will be co–created between us all.  We will explore our views on revolution, share highlights of learning and each other’s dreams for now and for the future.  Our aim is to create collaborative learning spaces and to be a part of creating the Systemic future together. We are happy to say that we have several key speakers that will share their passion with us.

We look forward to seeing participants from many parts of Europe and it will be exciting to meet for this event. It is our suggestion that we all eat our evening meals together as far as this is possible to do so.

You are invited to bring with you video, transcripts, quotation from a book, extracts that have grabbed you from articles on Social Constructionist theory and practice or any lived practices that you would like to share/explore with us during open space seminars.

We wish you all a very warm welcome to the systemic gathering.

Looking forward to meeting you all!
Cherrie, Kicki and Peter

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