The 2012 Systemic Gathering July 1st – 5th

The activity to organise the third systemic gathering event is in progress and full of energy. Key speakers are invited and have shown a lot of interest to come and to take part of the theme for this year’s gathering “Systemic revolution”.

Everyone is welcome to share ideas and experiences and everyone’s contribution is important. We create the future together!

If you are interested to present something or have ideas for the event that you would like to share please let us know. There will be some space for seminars and also open space where everyone who would like  can share and lead a dialogue/conversation or activity in the spirit of the metaphor of systemic revolution are welcome to do this.

The event will be held in Cambridge at the Cambridge Professional Development Centre Foster Road, Cambridge, CB2 9JL. The fee will cover the rent of the venue and everyone is recommended to book their own hotel. We will be able to recommend places close to the venue and if you would like to stay close to other systemic friends.

The e-mail address to the virtual office is

More information will follow soon!

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