Ken Gergen

Kenneth J. Gergen is a Senior Research Professor of Psychology at Swarthmore, as well as President of the Taos Institute. He is the author of many books including Relational Being: Beyond Self and Community, The Saturated Self: Dilemmas of Identity in Contemporary Life, and Realities and Relationships: Soundings in Social Construction. He is known for his contributions to social constructionist theory and practice, cultural commentary, qualitative inquiry, and the self. He has received honorary degrees in both the US and Europe. He is the author of the following titles: Relational Being: Beyond Self and Community; An Invitation to Social Construction; The Saturated Self: Dilemmas Of Identity In Contemporary Life; Realities and Relationships: Soundings in Social Construction.

Mary Gergen

Mary M. Gergen, Ph.D., is a founder, board member and treasurer/secretary of the Taos Institute and a professor emerita of psychology affiliated with the Women’s Studies Program at Penn State University, Brandywine, Media, PA. She has positioned herself at the intellectual convergence of feminist theory and postmodernist thought, as a social constructionist.  She has been involved in a great variety of the Taos projects, including conferences, organizational consulting and educational spheres. Her publications include: Toward a New Psychology of Gender, Feminist Reconstructions in Psychology, Narrative, Gender & Performance and Social Constructionism: A Reader. Among her earlier publications is Feminist Thought and the Structure of Knowledge.

Elspeth McAdam

Elspeth McAdam trained as a child psychiatrist and systemic therapist.  Elspeth has a wide experience of working with children, teenagers, families and organizations and is a well-known international consultant and educator. Elspeth has been working many years with Peter Lang, developing systemic practice and appreciative methods together. Elspeth was one of the first teachers KCC employed. Many of the ways of working appreciatively with ability spotting and dreaming futures stemmed from these times together. Elspeth describes that it has been such an exciting journey full of excitement of how to put new ideas into practice in many different contexts; therapy, organizations, communities, schools and into HIV prevention. Elspeth is also happy to talk about the future, future dreaming and backlighting and about neurobiology and the importance of looking at people strengths with love and wonder.

Peter Lang

Peter Lang has many years’ experience from working as an international consultant. He is well known and much respected in the systemic community related to his ability to inspire and for his curious, appreciative, wise and supportive work with individuals, groups, organisations and communities. Peter has been and is an important initiative taker to deepen knowledge within systemic practice and he has initiated many courses, masters programs and a doctoral program within systemic practice.

Christine Oliver

Christine Oliver is a Consultant Family Therapist and Group Analyst working for City & Hackney Psychotherapy Department, East London; and an organi­sational consultant. Christine specializes in the development of reflexive sys­temic methodologies, for individual and organizational change. Her publi­ca­tions include two books, Reflexive Inquiry and Complexity, Relationships and Strange Loops, numerous journal articles and book chapters on sys­temic or­gani­zational practice. With Steve Fitzgerald she has developed AI through a range of publications. She is an associate lecturer at Exeter Business School and the University of Bedfordshire.

Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson is UKCP-registered, Consultant Systemic Psychotherapist at the Greenwich Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust in London. He is the author of Child Focussed Practice and The Performance of Practice.

John Shotter

John Shotter is Emeritus Professor of Communication in the Department of Communication, University of New Hampshire, U.S.A. He is the author of Conversational Realities Revisited; Life, Language, Body, and World and Getting It: ‘Withness’-Thinking and the Dialogical… in Practice.

Cherrie Ravello

Dr Cherrie Ravello first trained as a psychiatric nurse at the University of Hert­fordshire and University of Buckinghamshire. Cherrie currently works as a Systemic Therapist. Cherrie is a registered systemic psychotherapist and also runs a private practice in systemic therapy. Her many years of working within a social constructionist and systemic paradigm with therapy and manage­ment has invited and co constructed many possibilities for the people that she collaborates with. Her work is mainly with families, indivi­duals and organizations. Cherrie obtained her M.Sc. in Systemic Leadership and organization study and doctoral degree at the KCC Foundation and the University of Bedfordshire. Cherrie is also an ADHD practitioner.

Kicki Oljemark

Kicki Oljemark works as a systemic consultant in different contexts with particularly focus on systemic practice related to leadership, ethical relational aspects and communication. This includes how we can create growth through the conversations we invite others into or by our responses to others invitations. Kicki has been working since the middle of 80 with children, teenagers and families. She also has many year experiences from working with own leadership and organisational development. The last years she also has been involved in an AI inspired research project and together with Elspeth Mc Adam educated facilitators in AI perspectives on community development and communication skills, facilitators who in their turn educate change agents in Tanzania. Kicki is a trained family therapist, has an MSc in systemic organizational development and has just finished her research and thesis in systemic leadership practice at the University of Bedfordshire. Kicki is a passionate systemic appreciative practitioner with focus on the power of co creation, human resources and potential.

Helen Gibson

Helen Gibson is a Systemic Psychotherapist and Supervisor and a Video Interaction Guider practitioner, trainer and supervisor and is keen to explore the connections, the differences and the opportunities that each bring to the other. Helen’s passion is celebrating each person’s unique ways of being and appreciating each individual’s contribution and strengths. Helen is passionate about every person being heard and space being given within conversation, decisions and relationships.

Helen has been working for the last five years in a secure forensic in-patient service for adolescents and worked hard to make it possible to maintain, repair or develop significant relationships for the young people. She has also been working with supervision to other adult and adolescent forensic services as I am enthusiastic about introducing systemic ideas and practice into this context. Helen has been part of the development of Video interaction Guidance since its introduction into England 19 years ago and used it as part of systemic practice ever since.

Martin Miksits

Martin Miksits works as systemic therapist, executive coach, organisational consultant and university teacher drawing on systemic social constructionist theory and practice. He is interested in dialogic approaches to facilitate organisational emergence, effectiveness and ethical practice. Martin has extensive international experience as manager in Europe and Latin America leading strategic change and organisational transitions.

Open space

Julie Wilkes

Julie has held leadership roles in social work regulation, and has worked as a senior manager in charities including Barnardo’s and Skills Third Sector. She has a master’s degree in social work and is trained in systemic practice and discursive analysis. She became a kinship carer for two young children in 2006, and is now a researcher at the Morgan Centre for the study of personal relationships at Manchester University. She lives with her family in Leeds.

Elisabet Wollsén

Elisabet Wollsén, certified psychologist and certified psychotherapist in family therapy. Forty years of experience as a clinician, while thirty in supervision, education and professional development in her own company. Influenced by systemic and narrative ideas and expressive therapy formats. Did narrative research in the mid-nineties and, besides ordinary work, are now writing on professional books, developing lifestaging® and cooperate with a massai women’s project in Tanzania.