Hanne Buhl, member of the Systemic Gathering 2011 Planning Committee, writes:

I had the privilege of doing KCC’s MSc in Systemic Leadership and Organisation some years ago, and I just revisited my 1st year Learning Portfolio with the notes that I had jotted down after my very first KCC Summer School in 2005 – they start like this:

Since then, I have attended Summer School every year, including last year’s ’post-KCC’ Systemic Gathering event, and every year I have returned home feeling like a better person, wiser and happier, revitalized, and full of inspiration for the work year to come.

This is why I volunteered to be a part of the planning committee for this year’s event. I would like this wonderful event to continue into the future. Obviously, it will have to find new formats, because with KCC gone there is no longer a central hub in the web, but there is a web, a wide international network of strong professional and personal relationships that I, and my fellow planning committee members, would like to be able to maintain and sustain in the future, although KCC is no longer there to provide the context for this.

Thus, the event that we are inviting you to participate in is a collaborative networking event where we shall speak ‘future talk’ (Peter Lang taught me that expression) and let our stories of our present professional practices inspire and develop our future work just as our dreams and visions for the future will inspire our work together in the present.

I look forward to once again be looking, listening, learning, laughing, living with you all for three interesting and inspiring days in London at the end of June.


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