A few comments regarding the programme

This is not the ‘final programme’, because we shall only know what that looks like after the event. 🙂 Rather, this is a frame for the group to work with and fill out in ways that we find meaningful and useful.

The following three slots in the programme are fixed:

John Shotter’s presentation on Sunday afternoon (for more information, please see the invitation for this year’s event)

The workshop by Elspeth Campbell, Katrina Waller, and Elaine Sutton on Monday morning (for more information, please see the attached flyer)

The workshop by Alex Chard on Monday afternoon  *

* Alex Chard has very kindly accepted to facilitate this workshop. Although the workshop will build on the presentation that John gives on Sunday afternoon, Alex has promised to set it up in a way that will allow any participants who did not attend John’s presentation to work in meaningful ways with the rest of group.

The remaining parts of the programme will be co-created by everybody present. We (i.e. Peter and Hanne) shall invite you to participate in this co-creation on Sunday morning and throughout the three days. To get us started, we have suggested a number of slots set up as Systemic Consultations and Open Space, and we look forward very much to hearing from you what you would like to bring and share with the group and how you would like to work. Please bring ideas with you and share them with us on Sunday morning or whenever they emerge.

We look forward so much to meeting you all and working with you in London.

Peter and Hanne

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