Invitation to a systemic gathering and new beginnings

You are invited to come and join a group of systemic and social constructionist consultants, managers and therapists in celebrating a rebirth of this way of working in a context for sharing and learning together. The gathering is located at one of the University halls in Cambridge the last week of June, (27/6-1/7), a collaborative week celebrating all the good that KCC has stood for and stands for and also to explore our own experiences and learning to move into the future and imagine how it could look like staying connected going on sharing and learning together.

We all have exciting experiences from this way of working and there is a lot we can learn from each other. We want to explore how we continue to inspire each other to go on working, developing and spreading these ideas. Let us explore the good things we have learned and take it into the future together. “We are what we become together and we can create the future we want to see”.

To start this movement we would like to share with you a space where we all can get inspiration. A space where we also can further develop our thinking and ways or working together for the future. The aim is that we will go on meeting each summer but there might also be other exciting ideas that will arise when we get together.

The focus for the days will be:

  • To explore with each other our learning about how systemic and social constructionist ideas and paradigms can be useful in co creating change when working with individuals, families, groups and organizations.
  • To explore our dreams about knowing how to go on developing these ideas for the future, where ideas can be shared that will inspire others in their practice.
  • To talk with each other and to share practices of what can be co created together and when this happens, what would it look like?
  • To join an international group of consultants and practitioners, keen to develop and share their skills and practice with new developments in systemic social constructionist thinking

The days will include seminars and workshops from inspirational facilitators and we will be working together sharing learning and developing ideas.

The conference will be at the Møller Centre in Cambridge (

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