Your facilitators

John Shotter

John Shotter is professor emeritus of interpersonal relations in the Department of Communication, University of New Hampshire. John’s long -term interest is in the social conditions conducive to people having a voice in the development of participatory democracies and civil societies. He is passionate with dialogical ways of being and relating with others and the otherness that invites us in ways to go on. He brings valuable insights to the social constructionist ways of working and offers a view that change can take place through attention to details in organizations especially when leaders and therapists are sensitive to unique moments that open up possibilities on how to go on.

Elspeth McAdam

Elspeth McAdam trained as a child psychiatrist and systemic therapist. She has a wide experience of working with children, teenagers, families and organizations and is a well known international consultant and educator. Elspeth first met Peter and Martin at a two year course KCC were running by Gianfranco Ceccin in 1987. She was one of the first teachers KCC employed and since then she had the privilege to work with Peter and Martin initially on many occasions. Subsequently she has worked a great deal with Peter. The two of them developed many ideas from reading philosophy as they travelled on trains and planes together. Many of the ways of working appreciatively with ability spotting and dreaming futures stemmed from these times together. Elspeth describes that it has been such an exciting journey full of excitement of how to put new ideas into practice in many different contexts; therapy, organizations, communities, schools and into HIV prevention. Elspeth is going to share with us her experiences and highlights from working with schools. The second seminar will be together with Kicki Oljemark about using systemic appreciative ideas in many contexts and how in fact when working this way we are working therapeutically in building confidence and competence, self esteem, responsibility, leadership and self determination.

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