Your hosts

Cherrie Ravello

Cherrie Ravello first trained as a psychiatric nurse at the University of Hertfordshire and University of Buckinghamshire. Cherrie currently works as a Clinical Nurse Manager in a Child and Adolescent Mental Health service in the Cambridge and Peterborough Foundation Trust. Cherrie is also a registered systemic psychotherapist and own a private practice in systemic therapy. Her many years of working within a social constructionist and systemic paradigm has invited and co constructed many possibilities for the people that she collaborates with. Her work is mainly with families, individuals and organizations. Cherrie obtained her M.Sc. in Systemic Leadership and organization study at the KCC Foundation and the University of Bedfordshire. She is currently reading for a PhD in Systemic Practice with a research interest is in co creating learning organizations within psychiatric settings.

Kicki Oljemark

Kicki Oljemark is a trained family therapist, has an MSc in systemic organizational development and is a current PhD student at KCC and Bedfordshire. The last 10 years Kicki has been working as a manger for units supporting children, teenagers and their families in their social and emotional development. Kicki is a passionate systemic practitioner, currently working on her own firm Senspero with the goal to spread systemic knowledge and approach to individuals, groups and organisations.

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