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The systemic gathering site is intended to be highly collaborative and it is also intended to be very intuitive. You are welcome to rush in, add new posts and leave replies to existing posts on the fly. However, if you want guidence, we hope you will find the instructions below supportive.

Register as a member

Click Register from the Meta menu on the right hand side. Enter your desired usernameĀ and your existing e-mail address. Click Register and an e-mail is sent to your e-mail. Click Login from the Meta menu. Enter you user name and the unique password that you received in the e-mail. Tip: cut out the password from the e-mail and paste it into the login menu. You are now registered and can add your first post straight away.

Add a post

As a member, you can add posts (kind of your online article) that everyone can read and comment. Please honor blog ethics and a systemic / appreciative approach. To add a post you need to be in the admin panel (the one you reach just after logging in). Click Add new in the Posts menu in the left hand side and type in your header and text in the edit field that then is displayed in the center of the screen. By using the buttons above the edit field, you can insert photos, links and media into your post. When ready, select under what catergory your post shall be published (menu to the right) and finally click the Publish button. Your new post is now published and available under the chosen category from the main menu on the first page.

Reply to a post

Under each post you will find the replies that people have given to the post. You can leave a reply to a reply by clicking the Reply button just after the reply or you can choose to reply to the original post by entering your text in the form at the bottom of the page.

Have your picture show next to your comments

You might have seen that some members have a picture showing next to their comments. This picture is called an Avatar and you can upload your picture of choice in the Avatar Upload section at the bottom of your Profile page, available after logging in.

Questions and suggestions

You are welcome to send questions and suggestions to

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